12-Voltair without case



“The 12-Voltair compressor is the best tool I have purchased for my harvest operation in years. I used it everyday for the whole 2005 season. The ability to have air anytime and without having to start a gas engine was great. This unit was easy to install and takes up very little space. I would recommend this product to anyone who needs air on a daily basis. This is a great product.”

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MOTOR- High torque, 1800 rpm, permanent magnet motor with brushes and thermal protection. NOTE: This is not a starter or series wound motor.

PUMP- Heavy duty twin cylinder, cast iron pump, oil lubed compressor

DRIVE SYSTEM- Positive timing gear belt pulley system. This type of pulley system eliminates belt slippage and extends the life of our belt.

ENCLOSURE - All Steel Powder Coated 18 gauge enclosure.



POWER SOURCE- 12-Volt Battery (1 good battery of 120+ minutes of reserve or 2 batteries)

AMP DRAW- 80 amps*

DUTY CYCLE- 80% - 8 out of 10 minute runtime @ Temps under 90 Degrees F.

MAX PSI- 150 psi

CFM** @ 50 psi 12 scfm

CFM** @ 100 psi 6 scfm

THERMAL PROTECTOR- Our thermal protector will shut down the 12-Voltair when the motor exterior case reaches 200F. This is a auto-reset thermal protector that will reset itself within 20 minutes.



-20F - 70F use a 10W non detergent compressor oil

50F - 110F use a 30W non detergent compressor oil

-20F - 110F use a 40W synthetic non detergent compressor oil


* 80 amps exceeds normal usage. See "Battery Facts."

** SCFM is a number that can often be misleading. The 12-Voltair is capable of filling a 10 gallon air tank from 0-150psi in just 3 minutes.