Voltair, Inc began back in 1985 by a Nebraska farmer who saw a need. Dissatisfied with gas operated systems, Dennis Goertzen developed this unique unit to provide "air where and when he needed it!" With encouragement from family and friends, Dennis decided to refine his first unit and attempt to fill a niche in the farming industry. With the philosophy of not wanting to deal with warranty work, he set out to manufacture a 12-Volt Air Compressor that would not only fill a niche, but provide compressed air year after year after year without failure. In December of 1990, with just 6 units, he made his way to Amarillo, Texas for his first trade show and with little effort sold all six units during the three day show. Not completely convinced that his customers would still be excited about their purchase, he not only returned with 12 more additional units, but with cash to refund his previous year customers. Five of the first six customers came through his booth that following year to thank him for his product and to let him know that their 12-Volt Air Compressor they purchased was going to be the last thing they would let go of. As time has passed, it is not uncommon to get calls from customers who just need a new cabinet for their 12-Volt Air Compressor as they move it over to their new pickup, for the fifth or sixth time. As Voltair´s customer base has grown, it has become obvious that compressed air is a needed commodity in just about every industry. Times have changed over the years, and today, "Time is Money". In a society where technology has boomed, services have gone mobile, and people just don´t have time to wait, having compressed "air where and when you need" is not just a convenience but is quickly becoming essential. Considering gasoline powered air compressor are often left behind because of their bulky size and other 12 volt operated air compressors on the market today cannot compete with the quality of the Voltair, owning a Voltair just makes perfect sense.