"About 10 or 12 years ago I purchased one of the first air compressors that Voltair manufactured. In the summer I use it every day for all sorts of demanding jobs. Even with the extreme conditions that I have put it through, the only repairs I´ve made are a belt and a solenoid. I have recommended Voltair compressor´s to a lot of my friends and they couldn´t be happier."

Darwin Ediger, KS

"We use Voltair´s 12 Voltair air compressor every day. It´s the best thing I´ve ever had. Nobody likes flat tires, and I used to hate them, now with this air compressor, it´s like a normal call. This is the best thing I´ve ever found. Using this tool has eliminated the most aggravation a tow truck driver has - that´s flat tires and jacking up cars. I have enough air to pump everything up. I can usually fill the tire, find the leak, and still have enough air to pump it back up or change it. I can fix 4 tires with no problem and have air left over. I never run out of air. Anytime I need to contact Voltair they are quick in getting right back to me."

Dwain Naftal, FL
Bald Eagle Towing and Recovery Inc.